About Sheaf Digital

Software consultancy, design and development

Sheaf Digital is a Sheffield based software consultancy.

We provide expert software consultancy advice to organisations that want to do more with new digital technology.

We can help you:

  • Work out exactly what you need before you develop new software or procure an off-the-shelf system.
  • Design a new software application to streamline your business processes.
  • Troubleshoot your software project - software consultancy to address specific problems/challenges.
  • Build an in-house software development team.
  • Improve the way you manage your software development project.

Software Development

We also design and develop web and mobile applications - software to replace legacy systems, streamline admin and deliver new services. The Sheaf Digital web application development service is the place to start if you want to launch a new online service or do more with the data you collect.

Expert, independent advice

Our approach is independent and results-focused. We are always:

  1. Easy to understand - you get impartial advice without technical jargon.
  2. Focused on people first - we're interested in technology that saves time, makes work easier and creates new opportunities for our clients.
  3. Forward looking - we design and develop future-proofed software solutions that deliver long-term value.

Most of the work Sheaf Digital does is fixed-price - we can meet with you, talk about what you want and then provide a detailed quote.