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24/05/19  Software Development

How to create a better website landing page so you get more leads

What makes a good landing page for an online service or application? I decided to look at the home pages of three successful online services and pick out the things that seem to represent good practice.


Online learning platform ideas - 5 lessons from Duolingo

Duolingo is an app (and website) for learning languages. It’s popular, easy to use and can be a source of ideas for any organisation that is thinking about creating an online learning platform and putting training online.

Learning in Duolingo is personalised - the app delivers small chunks of language training that are carefully matched to a learner’s current level of understanding. Lessons are short and there are a lot of quick tests/questions. A learner in Duolingo gets regular feedback and you don’t unlock the higher levels until you’ve cracked the earlier lessons.


03/05/19  Software Development

How to become a software developer without a degree in computer science

You don’t need a degree in computer science to become a software developer. You just need a plan, some effort and an aptitude for solving problems. The demand for software developers is as high as ever and good developers are in short supply - that means great salaries and plenty of vacancies. You can make the move if you really want to.


29/03/19  Software Development

Sheffield Apprenticeships - Using TwitterOAuth to post Tweets to the Twitter API

Our Sheffield Apprenticeship Twitter account (@SheffApprentice) uses the Twitter API to automatically Tweet out information about apprenticeship vacancies in Sheffield. The Tweets are scheduled - 6 individual apprenticeship vacancy Tweets and two summary Tweets every day.


Learning management systems and VLEs for schools - Part 1

The learning management system market is hard to navigate. There are hundreds of different systems and it’s difficult to make a choice when so many have similar functionality.

It must be easier to find a learning management system/VLE for a school. Schools are a niche and most will want something that has less rather than more functionality - ease of use will be a key school requirement.


08/03/19  Software Development

SaaS pricing - what about a freemium pricing model?

I wondered a bit more about freemium pricing models after writing the last post. Freemium is where part of your software as a service is offered for free. Users sign up, they use the application for free but then have to pay for more premium features.


01/03/19  Software Development

SaaS pricing models - different ways to charge your customers

Dave Skok on has a nice post about SaaS applications and pricing in which he describes the three basic scalable pricing axes. Most Saas applications seem to have an approach to pricing that is based on one of the axes or maybe a combination of two.