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Learning Management Systems

Online learning platform ideas - 5 lessons from Duolingo

Duolingo is an app (and website) for learning languages. It’s popular, easy to use and can be a source of ideas for any organisation that is thinking about creating an online learning platform and putting training online.

Learning in Duolingo is personalised - the app delivers small chunks of language training that are carefully matched to a learner’s current level of understanding. Lessons are short and there are a lot of quick tests/questions. A learner in Duolingo gets regular feedback and you don’t unlock the higher levels until you’ve cracked the earlier lessons.


Learning management systems and VLEs for schools - Part 1

The learning management system market is hard to navigate. There are hundreds of different systems and it’s difficult to make a choice when so many have similar functionality.

It must be easier to find a learning management system/VLE for a school. Schools are a niche and most will want something that has less rather than more functionality - ease of use will be a key school requirement.


The best learning management systems for training providers

A training provider that wants to put courses online is looking for a different kind of learning management system (LMS). Training providers have particular requirements - they want functionality that is closely aligned to the way they run their business.

What should a training provider look for in a learning management system? Here is a short list of things to think about.


5 great online course booking systems for training providers

Here are 5 pay as you go online systems for training providers that want to publish a course catalog, manage enquiries and take bookings online. Some of them do a bit more - you can manage the delegate after the booking, share course materials, track attendance and collect course feedback. All 5 systems take the pain out of trying to manage enquiries from large numbers of delegates.


8 things to know about Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a great way for teachers to organise, track and mark assignments. It’s free to use - either for personal use outside of school or, if you’re a teacher, in school (or HE). Anyone who wants to use it at work needs to get their school to sign up. Again, it costs nothing so it shouldn’t be too difficult to persuade your school to let you try it out, even as a pilot.


How to Procure a Learning Management System

Here are some tips for any organisations that wants to procure a learning management system, either for the first time or to replace an existing system.