Microsoft Power BI Training

Learn Power BI.

Build and share high impact reports and dashboards.

High quality off-the-shelf and bespoke Microsoft Power BI training for teams and individuals:

  • Courses adapted to fit your needs and data/cirumstances - contextualised courses that are more engaging and more effective;
  • Courses for complete beginners take you through data preparation, data loading, report design and basic calculated columns and measures. We demystify Power BI Desktop and the online Power BI service.
  • More advanced courses build on your existing knowledge and further develop your Power BI data analysis skills.

A course can be online or at your location. Courses can be for small groups or one-to-one.

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Our Courses

Get Started with Microsoft Power BI


1 day course

Using Power BI Desktop - importing data from Excel and building reports.

Calculated columns and simple measures.

How to use the online Power BI service to share reports with colleagues.

Microsoft Power BI Next Steps


1 day course

Builds on our beginners' course.

Multiple data sources - building relationships between tables of data.

More emphasis on DAX - building expressions/formulae in Power BI Desktop that combine data to enable deeper analysis.

Microsoft Power BI - Working with DAX


1 day course

Builds on our beginners' course.

Much more focus on DAX, the Power BI query language.

Building expressions in DAX to query and summarize data.

This is a good course for someone who already has a basic knowledge of Power BI Desktop.

How to Build High Impact Student Performance Dashboards with Power BI


1 or 2 day course

This course is designed for people who want to produce effective Power BI reports for an education sector audience.

We look at some specific examples of student/education reports that have been built with Power BI.

A closer look at how different visualisations can be used to enhance your reports.

Microsoft Power BI for Educators


1 day course

This is a version of our beginners' Power BI course that we have adapted for people working in education - schools, colleges, training providers and universities.

Approaches to importing data/building reports in organisations that want to use data from multiple systems e.g. Student MIS, HR, CRM, finance etc.

Microsoft Power BI for Educators


1 day course

This is our intermediate level Power BI course.

It is designed for people who work in education and have some experience with MS Power BI Desktop.

More emphasis on DAX - building expressions/formulae in Power BI Desktop that combine data to enable deeper analysis.

Our Approach

We teach you how to use Microsoft Power BI to analyse data, find insights that are actually useful and then build reports and dashboards that you can then share with colleagues and other stakeholders.

The end goal is to give the skills you need to find patterns, relationships and insights in your data that you can then use to improve team and organisation performance.

The courses are practical - we build reports - and can be adapted to meet your exact requirements. On a Sheaf Digital Power BI course you can expect:

  1. A step-by-step approach - clear, concise explanations illustrated with plenty of examples.
  2. Real world examples - the best examples come from you;
  3. Emphasis on finding actionable insights - things that are valuable rather than just sharing data for data's sake;
  4. Clear, concise explanations of important Power BI features like calculated columns and measures;
  5. Advice on report design. Tips on how to design and build reports and dashboards for maximum organisation impact.

All our training courses come with 1 month of free follow-up technical support.

What do the Courses Cost?

Course fees are:

  1. For the 0.5 day course - £300 + VAT for one delegate. Each additional delegate is £50 + VAT.
  2. For the 1 day course - £550 + VAT for one delegate. Each additional delegate is £75 + VAT.

All courses come with 1 month of free technical support after the course.

Find actionable insights in your data

Learn Power BI and build high impact reports and dashboards that deliver long term value.

Power BI Courses for Schools, Colleges & Training Providers

The education versions of our Power BI courses are tailormade for schools, colleges and training providers that want to use Power BI improve organisation and student performance.

web app on a phone

We've contextualised the courses to make them even more relevant to people who work in education. And, like all our courses they can be further tweaked to meet your exact requirements. These Power BI courses include:

  1. Advice on how to collect, organise and prepare data before import into Power BI Desktop.

  2. Examples of Power BI student dashboards that you can use to analyse student/class performance.

  3. Worked examples of financial benchmarking and other reports that compare different schools within a multi-academy trust.

  4. Guidance on how to use the Power BI online service to share reports and dashboard with colleagues, senior management, trustees and governors.

Our education focused courses come with the same 3 months of free technical support as our other courses. We can also provide follow-on consultancy support - that can be a cost effetive way to further develop and embed your Power BI capability in your organisation.

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