Software design, development and consultancy.

Sheaf Digital develops new online services, bespoke web applications and other digital products.

web application development

Web Applications

Bespoke CRM applications, interactive online portals, back-office admin solutions.

mobile development

Mobile Development

Data collection on the move. Solutions that push content out to users who use mobiles more than desktops.

reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Streamlined reporting solutions that make it easier to analyse data and share insights.

Grow your business with bespoke software

You own the software we develop for you. That means no extra licence costs as your online service grows and you sign-up more users.

Our Services
results-focused software development consultancy

Software consultancy for The Education and Training Foundation Software consultancy for Coventry Independent Advice Service Software consultancy for The University of Sheffield
Software consultancy for SkillsLogic Software consultancy for The Skills Network Software consultancy for Tribal Education

Create the best online learning platform

We have particular expertise in education and training and can help you create the best learning management solution - increase course enrolments and reach more learners.

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Power BI in schools

Find insights in data with Power BI

Advice and support for schools that want to learn more about Microsoft Power BI. How to use Power BI across different schools in a MAT, templates for tracking attendance, monitoring student performance etc.


Our Power BI training is a great starting point for schools that want to get up and running with Power BI.

Find the best learning management system for a training provider

The best learning management systems for training providers

A training provider that wants to put courses online is looking for a different kind of learning management system (LMS). Training providers have particular requirements...

Consultancy support for the Education and Training Foundation

Consultancy support on the SIR project for the Education and Training Foundation

We’ve just finished a piece of software/technical consultancy for the Education and Training Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for the annual collection of staff individualised record...

Using Microsoft Power BI in schools

Power BI in schools - how can you report on data from multiple MIS databases?

The real challenge for any organisation that wants to use a tool like Microsoft Power BI to analyse and report on data is how to get at the data that’s in different application databases...