Software consultancy for The Education and Training Foundation Software consultancy for Coventry Independent Advice Service Software consultancy for The University of Sheffield Software consultancy for The Skills Network Software consultancy for Tribal Education Software consultancy for the Avanti Schools Trust
Software development for Marsden Software consultancy for Oxford Abstracts Course booking system for King Edward VII School Sheffield Software consultancy for MEPS International Ltd Software consultancy for FISSS

What we do

Sheaf Digital is a specialist edtech consultancy. We work with schools, training companies and other course providers that want to use new technology to streamline business processes, reduce costs and improve education outcomes.

Software Consultancy

Software development advice, management of internal software development teams and project troubleshooting.

Software consultancy for education and training providers.

Software Design & Development

Understand and prioritise business requirements. Design and develop learning technology solutions that can integarted with other systems.

Web application and mobile app development.

Microsoft Power BI Training

High quality Microsoft Power BI training for teams and individuals. Courses bespoked for your exact requirements.

Microsoft Power BI training

Training Provider CRM Solutions

Bespoke training provider CRM software design and development.

Course booking solutions including our own Coursedate platform.

Bespoke Learning Management Systems

Solution design, technical advice and implementation support for organisations that want to develop their own more complete bespoke learning management system.

Data Management Solutions

Find out how to use Microsoft Power BI across different schools in a MAT. Training for staff.

Includes Microsoft Power BI training and solutions for schools.


Sheffield Apprenticeships - mobile development with React Native

Sheffield Apprenticeships - mobile development with React Native

The Sheffield Apprenticeships app is an easy way to see apprenticeship vacancies in Sheffield. Why did we build the Sheffield Apprenticeships app with React Native...

Coursedate - online bookings and CRM for course providers

Coursedate - online course bookings and CRM for training providers

Coursedate is designed for training companies, CPD providers, language schools and other organisations that want to promote courses online, enrol more learners and streamline admin.

Consultancy support for the Education and Training Foundation

Marsden Connect - transferring weight data from scales to mobile app via bluetooth

Marsden asked Sheaf Digital to develop a Bluetooth enabled weight tracking app that would connect to 3 different types of scales...


SaaS pricing - what about a freemium pricing model?

SaaS pricing - what about a freemium pricing model?

I wondered a bit more about freemium pricing models after writing the last post. Freemium is where part of your software as a service is offered for free...

Using Microsoft Power BI in schools

Power BI in schools - how can you report on data from multiple MIS databases?

The real challenge for any organisation that wants to use a tool like Microsoft Power BI to analyse and report on data...

Slicer visualization in Power BI - filtering by date with help from a simple measure

Slicer visualization in Power BI - filtering by date with help from a simple measure

Here's how you can use the slicer visualization and a simple measure to filter time based data. The data is basic school attendance data...