Power BI in Schools

Microsoft Power BI support for schools

Practical support for schools that want to use Power BI to improve school performance and cut admin time. We show you how to organise your source data, build dashboards (simple and more advanced) and then share them with colleagues.

microsoft power bi dashboards

Our Power BI support is tailored to the needs of a non-technical school audience. We focus on solving the problems that busy schools face:

Create a different kind of school-wide data management and reporting solution. Implement Power BI in a way that encourages informed decision making - explore data, find insights and then make decisions.

Microsoft Power BI for schools - dashboard design, report authoring and training

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How to get started with Power BI

Power BI is easy to get to grips with and it gives you the tools you need to create interactive data dashboards. Here are some suggestions for getting started.

microsoft power bi dashboards
  1. Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop - start building in-house expertise.
  2. Use the support documentation on Microsoft’s Power BI website:

  3. Identify a problem in your school where better access to data might be part of the solution. Perhaps you want a better view of predicted attainment across all departments?

  4. Choose one of your internal systems as a first source of data. Import some data into MS Excel - then connect to Excel from Power BI Desktop.
  5. Produce an early proof of concept/prototype and share it with colleagues. The point here is to introduce people to Power BI and gather feedback and ideas.

  6. Do further development of the prototype further. Extend it by bring in data from other data sources.

The Sheaf Digital Power BI for schools consultancy service is the place to start if you want more support. The initial consultation costs nothing and right from the start you will get ideas and advice to help you on your Power BI journey.

Measures radar chart Power BI

Using measures and filters to show two sets of data on a Power BI Radar Chart

The Power BI Radar Chart is a nice way to show how a set of values varies across multiple categories. And you can add further sets - so one radar chart shows two or more sets of values against the spokes...

Looking at student attainment data

Power BI in schools - a simple way to look at student attainment

This is one way of looking at student performance in Power BI. It’s a simple report built on top of single table of data about students and how they score in assessments....

Slicer visualization in Power BI - filtering by date with help from a simple measure

Slicer visualization in Power BI - filtering by date with help from a simple measure

Here's how you can use the slicer visualization and a simple measure to filter time based data. The data is basic school attendance data...