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19/12/18  eLearning Consultancy

What are the benefits of elearning?

This post is written for the employer that is looking for an affordable and engaging way to train staff.

Perhaps you’re in the hospitality industry and you want to deliver basic food safety training to new starters. Or you work in social care and you want to put several staff through a Level 2 course in Dementia Awareness.


04/12/18  eLearning Consultancy

What does a bespoke learning management system cost?

This is a rough guide to the costs of a bespoke learning management system. Of course it’s a very rough guide, but you get an idea of the possible costs and a starting point for further discussion with a software developer.

Let's start with 9 broad requirements:


11/07/18  eLearning Consultancy

Learning Japanese with Duolingo

I am a student of basic Japanese. I’ve done a year of evening classes here in Sheffield and I can just about remember all the Hiragana and Katakana, build some basic sentences and recognise the occasional word (one or two an episode!) when I’m watching Terrace House on Netflix.

From the start it was obvious that remembering things - and I mean even remembering what I’d done in class the night before - was the challenge. In fact, there were times when I got home and my dear wife (who speaks decent Japanese) asked what I done in the lesson and I’d already forgotten. Short term memory wiped by a 15 minute car journey.


27/09/17  eLearning Consultancy

5 Top Tips - How to Begin to Use E-learning to Train Your Team

Companies that want to begin to use e-learning for staff training face a bewildering array of jargon, different systems and new technology - the path to a great solution that delivers both high quality training and a clear return on your investment may not be obvious.


27/09/17  eLearning Consultancy

How Could a Training Company Sell E-Learning Courses Online?

Here are 5 things to think about if you’re a training company and you want make money by selling online courses.