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24/05/19  Software Development

How to create a better website landing page so you get more leads

What makes a good landing page for an online service or application? I decided to look at the home pages of three successful online services and pick out the things that seem to represent good practice.


03/05/19  Software Development

How to become a software developer without a degree in computer science

You don’t need a degree in computer science to become a software developer. You just need a plan, some effort and an aptitude for solving problems. The demand for software developers is as high as ever and good developers are in short supply - that means great salaries and plenty of vacancies. You can make the move if you really want to.


29/03/19  Software Development

Sheffield Apprenticeships - Using TwitterOAuth to post Tweets to the Twitter API

Our Sheffield Apprenticeship Twitter account (@SheffApprentice) uses the Twitter API to automatically Tweet out information about apprenticeship vacancies in Sheffield. The Tweets are scheduled - 6 individual apprenticeship vacancy Tweets and two summary Tweets every day.


08/03/19  Software Development

SaaS pricing - what about a freemium pricing model?

I wondered a bit more about freemium pricing models after writing the last post. Freemium is where part of your software as a service is offered for free. Users sign up, they use the application for free but then have to pay for more premium features.


01/03/19  Software Development

SaaS pricing models - different ways to charge your customers

Dave Skok on has a nice post about SaaS applications and pricing in which he describes the three basic scalable pricing axes. Most Saas applications seem to have an approach to pricing that is based on one of the axes or maybe a combination of two.


25/02/19  Software Development

Find an Apprenticeship - developing simple location based search with the EFSA live vacancies API

There is an EFSA API (application programming interface) that allows you to search live apprenticeship vacancies (in England) and then look at the details of an individual vacancy.

The API is easy to use and there’s good supporting documentation - developing a simple location based search interface is relatively straightforward.


19/02/19  Software Development

Bespoke CRM Development or Microsoft Dynamics 365 - how to choose?

A lot of small businesses start out with MS Excel. They are run on spreadsheets - information about customers, products, quotes and sales spread across multiple workbooks. Valuable data is inconsistent, almost impossible to query and often never backed up.

Sooner or later someone decides to look for a new, more scalable solution. They want a cloud based system that:


08/02/19  Software Development

Developing a software as a service (SaaS) application - 5 simple ways to optimise your SaaS design

The design of your software as a service application (SaaS) is inextricably linked to your business model. You should think seriously about how you’re going to find and sign-up paying customers before development starts. Does your SaaS application make customer acquisition as frictionless as possible? How does the design of the application facilitate marketing, customer feedback and the prioritisation of new features?


28/08/18  Software Development

Bespoke software development vs. off-the-shelf software

Why pay a software company to develop a bespoke application when there are so many subscription based online services?

Bespoke or custom software can sometimes be a better choice, but the decision is not always easy. This may help you decide:


19/07/18  Software Development

Working with a custom software development company - things to know

Here are some things we think it helps to know if you are about to start your first project with a software development company. Knowing this stuff makes a difference, you’ll get better value for money and you‘ll get better software - simpler, more focused software with fewer bugs.


19/07/18  Software Development

5 reasons why a bespoke CRM solution is the best solution for a small business

A customer relationship management (CRM) is then next step on from using MS Excel to keep track of customer interactions. You keep data your in one place - often a database in the cloud - instead of storing it in multiple Excel spreadsheets. Reporting on data then becomes easier and your data quality is better - data validation in web forms means you’ve got more control over what people type in.


03/05/18  Software Development

Why bespoke software can be a cost effective alternative to off-the-shelf software

Do you want to change the way you collect and manage data? Perhaps you’ve been using MS Excel to record information about potential customers and now you need a better alternative - a single database that holds one consistent set of data and makes reporting easier.

One option is to go down the off-the-shelf application route. Sign-up for a online customer relationship management (CRM) system like Zoho CRM. You replace the ad-hoc MS Excel solution with a third party web application.


12/04/18  Software Development

How much does it cost to develop a web application?

What does it cost to develop a typical custom web application? Perhaps a bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) system that medium sized business might use for tracking customer enquiries and orders?


11/04/18  Software Development

How to make money with your Software as a Service (SaaS) idea

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model for business software is now common. Software isn’t hosted on a server at the client’s site, instead it’s run from the vendor’s own servers. And most modern systems are multi-tenancy - that means there’s only one actual instance of the software running. Each client uses the same instance, seeing only their own data. The benefits of SaaS and cloud hosting should be clear - client’s don’t need to worry about hardware or local software installations and the software vendor can roll out fixes and updates more easily.


11/04/18  Software Development

Web applications - what technology should my software be built with?

You should talk about the technology stack when you decide to ask a software company to develop a bespoke web application. A lot of clients miss this because their supplier has only one preferred technology and so there’s never really a serious discussion about its advantages and disadvantages.


10/04/18  Software Development

5 things you should know about bespoke software development

Here are 5 useful tips for anyone who is about to commission their first bespoke software development project. I think these are common sense but they may not be obvious to someone who doesn’t have a technology background or who hasn’t worked with a software development company before.