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Bespoke CRM Development - 10 Things You Should Know

A bespoke customer relationship management solution is an affordable alternative to more complex off-the-shelf software. It will put you in complete control of the information you collect about customers, enquiries, leads and sales; you make better decisions when you can report on accurate, well organised data.

Here are ten reasons why you should consider a bespoke CRM solution:

  1. Users want simplicity. A bespoke CRM solution means you only create the functionality that you need.
  2. You get a solution that fits your business - it does exactly what you want it to do. You don’t have to reengineer your business around the software.
  3. Development is faster than you think. Modern web development tools mean it can take less time to build a bespoke solution than to configure a more feature rich, but complex off-the-shelf CRM system.
  4. You don’t pay licensing costs. This can be a significant money saver if your user base grows.
  5. We build bespoke solutions on a foundation of pre-existing components. That speeds the software development and keeps the cost down.
  6. The consultants you need to configure an off-the-shelf solution can be very expensive - high day rates on T&M.
  7. You can extend a bespoke solution to be customer facing and make it consistent with your existing branding. Your users get a joined up experience.
  8. A bespoke CRM solution can grow alongside your business.
  9. A bespoke solution can be integrated with other systems in your business.
  10. You can future proof the solution. It’s entirely reasonable to expect a modern bespoke web application to have a life expectancy of at least 10 years.

A bespoke CRM system is the best way to collect, manage and share information about your customers. Sheaf Digital can show you how to design a solution that is right for your business - an affordable solution that will fit your business, streamline your admin and transform the way you and your colleagues use data to make sales related decisions.

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