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Use Coursedate to simplify course admin and increase course bookings

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Training companies, language schools, CPD providers and other organisations use Coursedate to promote courses online, optimise course search and discovery, increase learner enrolments and cut down on course admin.

With Coursedate you can:

  1. Build and maintain your course catalog.
  2. Streamline course search and learner enrolment.
  3. Share course catalog pages across your social media channels.
  4. Use built in reports to find out how people engage with the courses in your catalog.

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Coursedate gives you the tools you need to promote your courses and enrol more learners:

  1. The course catalog is optimised for both mobile and desktop devices. Learners can search using your custom categories or free text.
  2. Fast course creation and scheduling. You can copy courses, set courses to auto hide when fully booked or keep courses open for further enquiries.
  3. Learner friendly course overview pages. Use simple editing tools to make your course standout. Essential course information is easy to see and learners are presented with alternative and popular courses.
  4. Streamlined course bookings. Learners can enrol on a course in just a few seconds. Dashboards show admins information about new enrolments and enquiries.
  5. Analytics and reporting. Built-in charts show you courses views, trends over time and what search terms are being used.
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Coursedate Bespoke

Coursedate's modular design means it can be quickly adapted to meet the wider needs of larger course and training providers. Get in touch if you've got particular business requirements and think you may need a custom solution.

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Coursedate - online bookings and CRM for course providers

Coursedate - online course bookings and CRM for training providers

Coursedate is designed for training companies, CPD providers, language schools and other organisations that want to promote courses online, enrol more learners and streamline admin.

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