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Simplify the way you collect, manage and report data

Get a competitive advantage with a high quality bespoke web application. Improve data collection, join up internal systems and find insights in data.

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Modern software tools and cloud hosting services have lowered the cost of developing and maintaining bespoke web applications. You can now create an online service or back-office application that is affordable, future-proofed and very scalable.

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High quality bespoke web applications

We design and develop database-driven web applications that include:

  • Bespoke management information systems
  • Course booking systems
  • Custom sales-order processing systems
  • Bespoke CRM systems
  • Data capture and reporting solutions that link to tools like Microsoft Power BI

The underlying architecture of a Sheaf Digital web application is designed to reduce both your ongoing support costs and the complexity of any future development. The web applications we develop are:

  1. Scalable - the application will continue to perform well as your user base grows
  2. Easy to use - intuitive, modern user interfaces that require no/little user training.
  3. Built with the best open source technology - that means lower development and hosting costs.

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Simplify complex workflows and streamline admin

Our template for most web application development projects is:

  1. Requirements Analysis & Design

    Requirements are focused and prioritised. Your first goal could be a minimum viable product - an initial release that satisfies early users.

  2. Development

    Agile development - three week sprints with end of sprint to reviews where you can check work in progress and tweak the design.

  3. Testing

    Software tested prior to launch. You get support during acceptance testing - also a good way of focusing minds on what happens immediately after ‘go live’.

  4. Release

    Support after the release of your software. Help with user engagement - announcements, advice on training and ongoing technical support.

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