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Advice and support for organisations that want to use new software to improve business performance.

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What we do

We provide practical software consultancy support for organisations that want to use new software to streamline admin, reach new customers or do more with the data they collect.

We work with you and your stakeholders to:

  • Clarify and prioritise business requirements
  • Match your requirements to the right solution
  • Find suitable software suppliers
  • Manage new software development projects
  • Build and train in-house software development teams
  • Troubleshoot and fix difficult software projects

Software consultancy for The Education and Training Foundation Software consultancy for Coventry Independent Advice Service Software consultancy for The University of Sheffield Software consultancy for The Skills Network Software consultancy for Tribal Education
Software development for Marsden Software consultancy for Oxford Abstracts

Strategy and scoping

Understanding the scope of your project - where the boundaries are - and the detail around your business workflows is the key to getting a solution that meets your expectations.

Sheaf Digital talks to your users and other stakeholders to build a clear picture of what you need. Our focus on effective business requirements analysis at the start of your project means you will:

  • Be less likely to overcomplicate the solution - you zero in on the requirements that really matter.
  • Make things easier for your technology supplier - they provide a better solution when you know what you want.
  • Save money - you'll get closer to finding the 20% of your requirements that deliver 80% of the value.
  • Have the space to step back - then you spot other opportunities that can sit alongside a better, more focused solution.

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Project delivery

Our work includes a mixture of short, focused engagements and longer, more in-depth consulting projects. We may be able to help you in these key areas:

  • Direct project management - working with you and your technology supplier to deliver your project.
  • Project management training - custom training for your team, either as preparation before a new project or after the end of a project as part of a lessons learned exercise.
  • Project troubleshooting - that might be a short package of consultancy to address specific problems/challenges.
  • Building software development teams - agile vs. waterfall, what is the best way to organise and manage your software development team?
  • Wider programme management - support with longer term strategic planning, that might include advice on how to schedule/sequence a series of projects.

How do I get a failing IT project back on track?

How do I get a failing IT project back on track?

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Consultancy support for the Education and Training Foundation

Consultancy support on the SIR project for the Education and Training Foundation

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