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High quality mobile app development

Capture data on the move. Connect to cloud-based databases, back office systems and Bluetooth enabled peripherels.

We use the latest mobile development technologies to design and develop affordable mobile apps for iOS and Android.

sheffield apprenticeships app

Our mobile app development service is flexible and affordable. We prototype designs, test out ideas with users and choose the best technical approach. You get a robust, future-proofed app with lower ongoing support costs.

Mobile app for Marsden
Marsden Connect - Capturing Weights via Bluetooth

Marsden asked Sheaf Digital to develop a Bluetooth enabled weight tracking app that would connect to 3 different types of scales...


Reach more users and build brand loyalty

A good mobile app will empower your users and strengthen their relationship with your business. It's an opportunity to create a very direct user experience that delivers immediate benefits - to you and your users.

We design and develop mobile apps that:

  1. Connect to back end databases. Access data on the move and synchronise with your other back office systems.
  2. Talk to Bluetooth enabled peripherals. Use bluetooth to download data from other devices such as wireless scales, digital thermometers and pedometers.
  3. Allow you to capture data on the move. Build a simple app for for data collection. Replace paper forms, save time and improve data accuracy.
  4. Engage customers and build brand loyalty. Connect with your customers and build more brand loyalty. Create a mobile app that promotes your brand, provides advice or streamlines online sales.

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Lower development and support costs

React Native is our default technology of choice for mobile app development. It is a cross-platform development technology - we write one set of code and 'build' it seperately for iOS and Android. You get the following benefits:

  1. Significantly lower development and support costs. We're effectively writing one app for two platforms - so less code to write and lower maintenence costs.
  2. Apps built with React Native look and feel like 'native' apps. Your app on an iPhone feels like a standard iOS app - it will look polished and it will be be very responsive. You'll get the same speed and high quality user experience when we build the app for Android.

React Native is open source technology and it's backed by Facebook. It is the leading mobile app development framework.

Commissioning a mobile app - things to know

What you should know before you commission and develop your mobile app

Are you about to commission your first mobile app? Here are some things you should know. They may save you time, reduce your costs and in the end help you create a better product...

Sheffield Apprenticeships - How to develop an app

Sheffield Apprenticeships - How to develop an app for Android and iOS with React Native

The Sheffield Apprenticeships app is the quickest way to find apprenticeship vacancies in Sheffield. You scroll through a list, click on a vacancy and then if you’re still interested, go directly to...

React Native and Bluetooth

React Native and Bluetooth - Discovering Services and Characteristics and Reading Data

I’ve built a simple app to capture weight data from some bluetooth enabled bathroom scales. The app uses the react-native-ble-plx library from Polidea to handle the Bluetooth connections...