Good software will transform the way you work.

We help you work out exactly what you and your users need so you can find and implement the right software solution. We also design and develop high quality web and mobile apps - affordable bespoke software that can be a cost-effective alternative to complicated off-the-shelf software.

Software Consultancy

Understand exactly what you and your users need before you make a decision about new technology. Find the right long-term solution.

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Web App Development

Bespoke back-office admin solutions and new digital services. Reporting solutions that bring together data from different systems.

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Mobile App Development

Cross platform mobile app development. iOS and Android apps built with React Native.

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Power BI in Schools

Find out how to use Microsoft Power BI across different schools in a MAT. Training for staff. Dashboard design tips and templates.

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Course Booking Software

Publish courses online, manage enrolments and track learner progress.

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Bespoke CRM Development

Develop a custom CRM solution that is better fit with your business processes.

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Power BI Training

Practical, hands-on training for people who want to get maximum value from Microsoft Power BI.

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Our Approach

We take you on a clear path to a successful digital transformation project. Our approach is based on experience and built around a set of simple principles - we reduce your exposure to risk and maximise the impact of your new service.

Clear strategic goals

User-centric business analysis

A well understood minimum viable product

Proactive, hands-on project management

Effective communication with stakeholders

Choose between waterfall and agile

Software Projects - How Do You Choose Between Waterfall and Agile?

Waterfall and agile are two different ways organising and managing software development projects. They tend to be presented as opposites...

How do I get a failing IT project back on track?

How do I get a failing IT project back on track?

IT projects that hit the rocks are not that uncommon - most people who work in IT know about at least one project that was delivered late, over budget or didn’t meet client/user expectations....

Consultancy support for the Education and Training Foundation

Consultancy support on the SIR project for the Education and Training Foundation

We’ve just finished a piece of software/technical consultancy for the Education and Training Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for the annual collection of staff individualised record...