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Sheaf Digital - Power BI Training - OSI Europe

Sheaf Digital recently delivered a one day intermediate level Power BI course to OSI Europe in Scunthorpe.

The training was based on our Power BI Next Steps (intermediate) course and then tailored to be a better fit with the requirements of the OSI team.

We used a combination of manufactured data about student enrolments, attendance and performance together with some business planning/project management data.

The course outline looked like this:

  1. Introduction - a Power BI Desktop refresh
  2. Tables and relationships - connecting tables. Simple dashboard based on dummy sales data.
  3. Calculated columns
  4. DAX - a longer look at measures. Worked examples.
  5. Report design activity based on the Microsoft AdventureWorks data.
  6. Building a simple dashboard with OSI data.

The benefits of our approach are:

  1. The course is very hands-on - plenty of worked examples and exercises.
  2. We prepare activities that we think are relevant to the client.
  3. Where we can, we also like to use client data. Again, it makes the course more relevant.

The Sheaf Digital Power BI Next Steps (intermediate) course is a good choice for organisations that already have a little bit of Power BI knowledge and experience. We can adjust the course content, based on the delegates’ level of Power BI experience & knowledge.