Microsoft Power BI Training and Consultancy - Brigantia Learning Trust

Sheaf Digital recently delivered 2 days of Power BI Training to staff at the Brigantia Learning Trust in Sheffield. The trust operates 4 academies including one post-16 college.

The training included a one day introduction to Power BI course for staff from both the central team and Longley Park Sixth Form Academy and then a follow up session where the focus was how Longley Park Sixth Form Academy could use data from v2 of the Arbor Snowflake data warehouse.

The training was based on our Intermediate Power BI course, but adapted to meet the requirements of the Brigantia team. That’s our standard Power BI training approach - we talk to the client, find out more about the data they collect and then we build the training sessions around a series of bespoke training activities. For the Brigantia sessions we were able to use data from the Arbor data warehouse.

In the second session we shifted the focus to the trust's post-16 academy. Longley Park has an experienced in-house data team that produces a monthly marksheet summary report from data in SQL Server. The objective of the training session became the development of the same marksheet summary report, but with Power BI and data from Arbor. The Power BI report could then be automatically refreshed each month and shared with colleagues in the team using the online Power BI service.

student assessment report

The benefits of our approach are:

  1. Everything was adapted to the needs of the staff who attended the sessions. That makes the training more relevant.
  2. Staff build a working report during the sessions that can then be used with colleagues.
  3. The second session at Longley Park demonstrated that the post-16 college can use Power BI and the Arbor data warehouse to create the kind of reports that they would normally create with SQL server and MS Excel. These reports can be shared & refreshed with the online Power BI Service.

Our Microsoft Power BI for Educators (Intermediate) course is the right choice for organisations that have already started to build Power BI reports and would like extra help with more advanced topics and complex reports.

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