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EdTech News - Digital skills shortages, artificial intelligence and open access to academic research

  1. Digital skills gap - could the new apprenticeships be the solution? "We want to create an outstanding alternative to university. With the tech skills gap, which is being exacerbated by Brexit, we need to fill the pipeline of talent.”

  2. Plundering the academic publishing establishment Sci-Hub and open access to academic research.


EdTech News - Education technology is a global opportunity

  1. Here’s how Hawaii’s emergency alert design led to a false alarm Forget hackers, it could be poor user experience design that starts WW3.

  2. Education technology is a global opportunity Particularly online language learning platforms in the far East.

EdTech News - Google launches IT Professional Support Certificate - is this the future?

  1. Google launches IT Professional Support Certificate - Self Study Is this the future? Free to study on Coursera and Google subsidise the end of course certificate so you only pay $49. Needs 8-10 hours per week for 8-12 months.

  2. Government search site is flooded with hundreds of ‘locations’ for the same providers Find Apprenticeship Training website - sounds like more time needed on user experience design.

EdTech News - How can the OU survive in a world of MOOCs?

  1. Facebook job ads targeting younger applicants Over 40? You won't even see the advert. More on the power of the big social tech companies.

  2. What happens to the OU in a world MOOCs? Is higher education now a commodity and how can the OU survive?

EDTech News - Learning analytics cuts university drop out rates

  1. UK's Nudge Unit tests machine learning to rate schools and GPs Machine learning might spot failing schools and mean fewer Ofsted inspections.

  2. Google and Gallup’s computer science education research: six things to know Boys and girls equally interested in computer science at age 12 but not two years later.

Can’t Receive Calls From a New Skype Number on Mac OS - Problem Solved

I signed up for a new Skype number today and then spent two frustrating hours trying to get it to receive calls before finally stumbling upon the solution.


EdTech News - Do we need an assembly line of new coding students?

  1. An Assembly Line of Coding Students?  Tough questions for the computer science movement - is software development the new blue collar work?

  2. Education technology meets its limits MOOCs and why employers struggle to buy into them.