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EdTech News - Digital skills shortages, artificial intelligence and open access to academic research

  1. Digital skills gap - could the new apprenticeships be the solution? "We want to create an outstanding alternative to university. With the tech skills gap, which is being exacerbated by Brexit, we need to fill the pipeline of talent.”

  2. Plundering the academic publishing establishment Sci-Hub and open access to academic research.

  3. How frightened should we be of AI? Artificial general inteligence and the rise of the machines.

  4. Chinese police are using facial recognition sunglasses to track citizens "The sunglasses are the latest component in China’s burgeoning tech-surveillance state. In recent years, the country has poured resources into various advanced tracking technologies, developing artificial intelligence to identify individuals and digitally tail them around cities."

  5. AIY Projects: A first step into STEM Google's kit for students who want to start building and learning about AI.