EdTech News - How can the OU survive in a world of MOOCs?

  1. Facebook job ads targeting younger applicants Over 40? You won't even see the advert. More on the power of the big social tech companies.

  2. What happens to the OU in a world MOOCs? Is higher education now a commodity and how can the OU survive?

  3. Smartphone addiction "78% of teens check their phones at least hourly and 50% report feeling 'addicted' to their phones."

  4. Smartphones causing addiction - science says evidence is weak On the other hand, maybe we should look at the data first. Things may not be that bad.

  5. An innovative introductory economics course at Stanford is now free online "11 lectures that address how big data is changing the way we think about upward mobility, education, health care, climate change, migration, criminal justice, and discrimination."