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King Edward VII School Language College in Sheffield is using Sheaf Digital’s online course booking system

The KES Language College in Sheffield is now using the Coursedate online booking software to publish its courses on the web and take online enrolments.

KES Language College

August and September are a busy time for the college admin team as they prepare the course brochure, take bookings and reply to enquiries. This year the team is even busier because the college is running online versions of some of its popular courses. Coursedate has had a big positive impact on the amount of work the team does before the start of a new term.

Coursedate is a modern software as a service (SaaS) application. It’s a good choice for training and course providers like KES because:

  1. It’s modern design is optimised for ease of use. There is a virtually zero learning curve. New clients can be onboard in just a few minutes. Ongoing hosting/maintenance costs are low (good for the client) and Coursedate’s modular design means we can develop and roll out new features when there is a clear need for them.

  2. Clients can use Coursedate’s publishing tools to quickly create an engaging course directory that works across both mobile and desktop devices. It is easier for course providers like KES to update courses in an online directory than make edits to a paper based course brochure.

  3. Learners can self enrol with Coursedate. That is a big time saver. The admin dashboard and Coursedate’s built in reports give the KES team almost real time data about enrollment numbers on different courses.

  4. Clients use built in reports to access data that is accurate and consistent. Coursedate encourages training and course providers to be more proactive about the data they collect - so they analyse data and find insights that can be used to further increase enrolments.

You can see the latest version of the KES course directory at:

Our Coursedate marketing website is here:

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