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25/02/19  Software Development

Find an Apprenticeship - developing simple location based search with the EFSA live vacancies API

There is an EFSA API (application programming interface) that allows you to search live apprenticeship vacancies (in England) and then look at the details of an individual vacancy.

The API is easy to use and there’s good supporting documentation - developing a simple location based search interface is relatively straightforward.


19/02/19  Software Development

Bespoke CRM Development or Microsoft Dynamics 365 - how to choose?

A lot of small businesses start out with MS Excel. They are run on spreadsheets - information about customers, products, quotes and sales spread across multiple workbooks. Valuable data is inconsistent, almost impossible to query and often never backed up.

Sooner or later someone decides to look for a new, more scalable solution. They want a cloud based system that:


12/02/19  Microsoft Power BI

What is the average graduate salary after 5 years?

This simple interactive dashboard will answer that question. It uses data from the Department for Education’s longitudinal education outcomes dataset. It tracks graduates 1 year, 3 years and 5 years after graduation and includes a breakdown for broad subject area and university.


08/02/19  Software Development

Developing a software as a service (SaaS) application - 5 simple ways to optimise your SaaS design

The design of your software as a service application (SaaS) is inextricably linked to your business model. You should think seriously about how you’re going to find and sign-up paying customers before development starts. Does your SaaS application make customer acquisition as frictionless as possible? How does the design of the application facilitate marketing, customer feedback and the prioritisation of new features?


31/01/19  Microsoft Power BI

Power BI in schools - a student performance dashboard

This is another look at how you could build a very simple Power BI report to track student performance.

There are two tables of data - both imported into Power BI Desktop from an Excel Workbook. Power BI Desktop automatically joins the two tables on StudentId:


19/12/18  eLearning Consultancy

What are the benefits of elearning?

This post is written for the employer that is looking for an affordable and engaging way to train staff.

Perhaps you’re in the hospitality industry and you want to deliver basic food safety training to new starters. Or you work in social care and you want to put several staff through a Level 2 course in Dementia Awareness.


04/12/18  eLearning Consultancy

What does a bespoke learning management system cost?

This is a rough guide to the costs of a bespoke learning management system. Of course it’s a very rough guide, but you get an idea of the possible costs and a starting point for further discussion with a software developer.

Let's start with 9 broad requirements: