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What is the average graduate salary after 5 years?

This simple interactive dashboard will answer that question. It uses data from the Department for Education’s longitudinal education outcomes dataset. It tracks graduates 1 year, 3 years and 5 years after graduation and includes a breakdown for broad subject area and university.

The interactive Power BI report doesn't quite give you graduate pay for individual courses because course data has been aggregated up to broad subject area. That probably makes sense at a national level because there are just too many slightly different university courses. Still, you can select the universities that interest you, choose the subject area and then look at how average earnings change over 5 years.

The data is a tiny bit out of date but I suspect that it hasn’t changed that much. It’s easy to select multiple checkboxes and compare universities - so you can look at average graduate salary by university. There are some big differences between universities for the same subject area.

Click the double arrow bottom right on the chart if you want a full screen version.

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