Software Development

Simplify the way you collect, manage and report data

Get a competitive advantage with software made just for you. Improve data collection, join up internal systems and find insights in data.

Future-proofed custom software that delivers long term value

Modern software development tools and cloud computing services mean you can create a new online service or back-office application that is affordable, future-proofed and very scalable.

Web Applications - interactive data driven websites

Bespoke CRM systems, online portals, back office admin solutions.

A fast, scalable web application running on a central server is the easiest way to connect users with interactive, data driven software.

Mobile - connect to data on the move

There could be two reasons to develop a mobile app.

You might want to connect mobile workers to a cloud based database - for recording data without form filling.

Alternatively, a mobile app can be a great way to push out information and advice to a younger audience that spends less time in front of a desktop browser.

Reporting & Analytics - find insights in your data

Join up data that sits in different systems and then get more insight into the way your organisation works.

Sheaf Digital has particular expertise in Microsoft Power BI - a great way to design and share interactive reports and dashboards.

Tell us about your project and we can give you a quick and accurate assessment of timescales, potential cost and the best technology strategy.

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Build user engagement - software development with a focus on user experience

We put your users at the centre of the development. Easy-to-use software means more engagement, happier customers and lower training/support costs. Our template for most software development projects is a simple 5 step process:

  1. Strategy & Planning

    Up front planning. The budget is managed and you know exactly what happens at each stage.

  2. Design

    Requirements are focused and prioritised. Your goal could be a minimum viable product - a first release that satisfies early users and is a strong foundation.

  3. Development

    Agile development - collaborative, three week sprints with end of sprint to reviews where you can check work in progress and tweak the design.

  1. Testing

    Software tested prior to launch. You get support during acceptance testing - also a good way of focusing minds on what happens immediately after ‘go live’.

  2. Release

    Support after the release of your software. Help with user engagement - announcements, advice on training and ongoing technical support.

We can give you advice about how to approach the design and development of your bespoke software.

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