Better Technology. Better Outcomes.

Sheaf Digital is an education technology and elearning consultancy. Our office is in Sheffield but we work with customers across the UK.

We provide software consultancy advice. Sometimes customers ask us to help them work out exactly what they need before they dive in and procure an off-the-shelf system. That kind of essential requirements analysis is one of our strengths; we are good at talking to clients and users about the problems they are trying to solve.

We work a lot in the education and training domain. We understand online learning, course booking systems and the software that makes the management of education and training less onerous. Our elearning consultancy service is the place to start if you want advice about learning management systems or other software in an education or training context.

Our approach is independent and results-focused. Our goal is always to be:

  1. Expert - we present sound advice without technical jargon.

  2. Collaborative - we work with you to understand your audiences, get under the skin of your requirements and get buy-in from your key stakeholders.

  3. Creative - we look to create something new that makes a sustainable, measurable difference to your organisation.

  4. Forward looking - we develop future-proofed solutions that deliver long-term value.

Most of the work we do is fixed-price - we can meet with you, talk about what you want and then provide a detailed quote. Please get in touch if you would like to talk about a project.