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04/12/18  eLearning Consultancy

What does a bespoke learning management system cost?

This is a rough guide to the costs of a bespoke learning management system. Of course it’s a very rough guide, but you get an idea of the possible costs and a starting point for further discussion with a software developer.

Let's start with 9 broad requirements:


20/11/18  Microsoft Power BI

Slicer visualization in Power BI - filtering by date with help from a simple measure

Here's how you can use the slicer visualization and a simple measure to filter time based data. The data is basic school attendance data.

There are two tables - Students and StudentAttendance. Not surprisingly, there’s a one to many relationship between them on StudentId. Every student gets two attendance marks a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. ‘P’ for present, ‘U’ for unauthorised absence and ‘A’ for authorised absence.


24/09/18  Microsoft Power BI

Power BI in schools - a simple way to look at student attainment

This is one way of looking at student performance in Power BI. It’s a simple report built on top of single table of data about students and how they score in assessments.

Three things about the dashboard are worth noting:


16/09/18  Microsoft Power BI

Power BI in schools - prototype dashboards with MS Excel

A quick way to get started with Microsoft Power BI is to connect to data in MS Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheet data is easy to import and it means you can focus your efforts on dashboard design - prototyping ideas before sharing them with colleagues.

Here are five things to think about when using Microsoft Power BI with data stored in MS Excel spreadsheets:


07/09/18  Microsoft Power BI

Schools, Data and Dashboards - Microsoft Power BI

Schools that want to use the data they collect to raise teaching quality and improve learner outcomes may face particular challenges:


07/09/18  Microsoft Power BI

Power BI in schools - how can you report on data from multiple MIS databases?

The real challenge for any school that wants to use a tool like Microsoft Power BI to analyse and report on data is how to get at data that is spread across different application databases - you want a solution that doesn’t involve lots of copy and pasting between different spreadsheets.


28/08/18  Software Development

Bespoke software development vs. off-the-shelf software

Why pay a software company to develop a bespoke application when there are so many subscription based online services?

Bespoke or custom software can sometimes be a better choice, but the decision is not always easy. This may help you decide: