Software Development & eLearning Consultancy

The right technology solution will transform the way you manage learning.

Software development and elearning consultancy

Get a clear competitive advantage with the best bespoke software - improved data capture, joined up internal systems and modern, efficient reporting.

eLearning Consultancy

Sheaf Digital provides consultancy advice and support to organisations that want to deliver training online.

We help you find the right elearning solution, so you reach more learners, deliver effective training and get better results.


Web Application Development

New product development, high quality web applications and other bespoke solutions.

Bespoke software is more affordable than you think and you get an immediate return on your investment.

Bespoke Learning Management Systems

A bespoke learning management system is an ideal solution for an organisation that can't find the right off-the-shelf system.

You get a simpler, more focused solution that is an exact fit with your requirements.

Databases & Microsoft Power BI

Turn your data into insights. Use Microsoft Power BI to build and share interactive reports and dashboards.

Organise your data into a single data warehouse - get a solution that is optimised for Power BI.

Our Software Development Approach

Our basic template for most software development projects is a simple 5 step process. It's agile but we fit it within an overall fixed-price package - you get the right amount of upfront planning, you get flexibility during development and you get a fully tested solution that has low ongoing support costs.

  1. Planning

    Upfront planning - so the budget is managed and you know exactly what happens at each stage.

  2. Design

    Time invested with you in a solid period of design. The is the best way to really understand requirements, consider design options and refine the plan.

  3. Development

    The best bits of agile development - short three week sprints with opportunities at the end of each sprint to review work in progress and tweak the design.

Agile software development

Quality assurance and support during the software release phase

  1. Testing

    We test (and fix bugs) to the point where the software is ready for launch. You do acceptance testing - a final sanity check and a great way of focusing minds on what happens immediately after ‘go live’.

  2. Release

    You get support during and after the release of your software. Help with user engagement - announcements, advice on training and ongoing technical support.