Bespoke CRM Development

Transform data collection and simplify reporting.

Turn established business processes into a modern, light-touch web application.

Bespoke CRM software is an affordable alternative to complex off-the-shelf CRM.

bespoke crm web app

Why develop a bespoke CRM system?

Configuring an off-the-shelf customer relationship management system to work with established business processes and workflows can be both complicated and expensive.

A bespoke CRM system could be a better solution - development costs are often lower than the configuration costs of an off-the-shelf system. You'll also get a simpler, more user-friendly system.

Sheaf Digital develops bespoke CRM systems that:

  • Are built on a foundation of pre-existing components - speeding up development and keeping costs down.
  • Fit with existing business processes. You don’t have to re-engineer your business around the software.
  • Come with no licensing costs. This can be a significant cost saving if your user numbers grow.

A high quality, affordable bespoke CRM solution will engage users, streamline back office admin and transform the way you and your colleagues use data to make sales related decisions.

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How can you future-proof your bespoke CRM system?

Simplicity is the route to a future-proofed bespoke CRM system - design and develop just what you need.

  1. Don't over complicate at the start. Make the first release a minimum viable product and then build around it in future phases (taking into account user feedback).
  2. Create a project roadmap - a longer term, more strategic view of how the system could grow over time.
  3. Choose the right technology stack. Ask your software development company to explain their technology choices.
  4. Integrate with other systems where it makes sense rather than replicating functionality that already exists.

Contact us if you'd like to find out more about our bespoke CRM development service. Tell us about your requirements and we can outline a possible solution and give you an idea of costs.

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