Strategy, Scoping & Design

Strategy, solutions and a clear way forward

We work with you and your team to understand your business and how you currently use digital technology.

We make clear recommendations - independent of any vendor and completely aligned with your business needs.

Clarify your requirements and shape the solution

Our experience is that successful software projects - the projects that deliver the best results - are always built on a strong foundation of well understood business requirements. We can support you at the start of your software procurement journey with a set of services that will clarify your requirements and give you a clear picture of the sort of solution you need.

  • IT Strategy Development
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Solution Design

We put you in a postion where you can go to vendors with a strong sense of the kind of solution that will work best - you're in control.

Understand the market - get independent & informed advice

We can give you an overview of what's available - different vendor options, advice of the latest Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solutions and recommendations for shortlisting.

  • Vendor Reviews
  • Market Analysis

You get a software application that solves your business problem, reduces costs and improves outcomes.