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19/07/18  Software Development

Working with a custom software development company - things to know

Here are some things we think it helps to know if you are about to start your first project with a software development company. Knowing this stuff makes a difference, you’ll get better value for money and you‘ll get better software - simpler, more focused software with fewer bugs.


19/07/18  Software Development

5 reasons why a bespoke CRM solution is the best solution for a small business

A customer relationship management (CRM) is then next step on from using MS Excel to keep track of customer interactions. You keep data your in one place - often a database in the cloud - instead of storing it in multiple Excel spreadsheets. Reporting on data then becomes easier and your data quality is better - data validation in web forms means you’ve got more control over what people type in.


Technical consultancy for Coventry Independent Advice Service

We’ve just complete a consultancy project for Coventry Independent Advice Service (CIAS), a charity that provides free advice and support to residents in Coventry. Residents currently contact CIAS through the website or by phone and can book an appointment for face to face advice.

Sheaf Digital were asked to look at how other social media/communication tools could be added to the CIAS website so that residents have more choice when they want to contact CIAS.


Consultancy support on the staff individualised record (SIR) project for the Education and Training Foundation

Sheaf Digital has particular expertise in the education and training sectors. We’ve worked on several big e-learning projects, have designed and developed bespoke learning management systems and from time to time we deliver focused technical consultancy support to clients in the education sector.

We’ve just finished a piece of software/technical consultancy for the Education and Training Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for the annual collection of staff individualised record (SIR) data from English FE colleges. The data - anonymised information about FE staff pay, qualifications and contracted hours - is used by the Foundation and the Department for Education to better understand the FE workforce.


10/05/18  Microsoft Power BI

Using measures and filters to show two sets of data on a Power BI Radar Chart

The Power BI Radar Chart is a nice way to show how a set of values varies across multiple categories. And you can add further sets - so one radar chart shows two or more sets of values against the spokes. You then see at a glance how the different sets of values compare.

I used the radar chart to compare ‘predicted’ and ‘actual’ attainment levels in different subjects for school students. The table of sample data is shown below. The attainment levels are in one column and the type - ‘Predicted’ or ‘Actual’ is in another column. I’m interested in the average predicted and the average actual attainment level for each subject category.


03/05/18  Software Development

Why bespoke software can be a cost effective alternative to off-the-shelf software

Do you want to change the way you collect and manage data? Perhaps you’ve been using MS Excel to record information about potential customers and now you need a better alternative - a single database that holds one consistent set of data and makes reporting easier.

One option is to go down the off-the-shelf application route. Sign-up for a online customer relationship management (CRM) system like Zoho CRM. You replace the ad-hoc MS Excel solution with a third party web application.


12/04/18  Software Development

How much does it cost to develop a web application?

What does it cost to develop a typical custom web application? Perhaps a bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) system that medium sized business might use for tracking customer enquiries and orders?